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God Complex

I love Psalm 136, it really gives us an amazing perspective of how loving and powerful our God is.  Whenever you have those moments of doubt wondering if God really loves you, read this chapter and be encouraged in the truth that God REALLY does love you and all of humanity.  I know sometimes it doesn’t always look and feel that way because most media covers only the evil and corruption you see in the world.  But what about all of the people who experience miracles in their life?  What about all of the volunteers throughout the whole world giving their time to helping the poor, the sick, and the hungry?! I would love to see this splattered all over our newspapers, online media and televisions.  How much differently would the world see God if this is all they saw?  I was one of those people of whom you did not read about in the paper or see on 60 Minutes.  Two years ago when I was rushed to the hospital many times, doctors could not find out why my heart was functioning improperly, and for months I was in fear and crying out to God, “Where are you? Why is this happening to me?” Even if it didn’t look like my God was listening or cared, He was! While on my walk in Ponce Inlet, my heart began to beat very rapidly, my husband drove me to the ER again, but this time, they could see what the problem was so the ER physician informed me of a heart specialist in the area that could help.  FINALLY! I was so relieved, hope began to well up inside of me again.  God’s love began to manifest through a doctor who looked at me and said, “You’re not going crazy, I found the problem and I will fix it!”  I was so grateful for this mans talents.  And how did he receive such amazing knowledge? GOD!  The scriptures say that God gives gifts to mankind.  In the old testament it says that the Lord gives wisdom and abilities to his creation.  They say that some physicians have a “GOD COMPLEX” well some of that is true, only their own abilities did not originate by their own wisdom, they came from the creator of heaven and earth. So the next time you are wondering, “Does God really care?” Open your bible and take a look at all of the amazing, loving things that the Lord has done and remember that He does not change, He is the SAME yesterday, today and forever! His faithful love never comes to an end.


To Pray or Not to Pray? One Doctors Report

Some physicians are finding that prayer plays a major role in their patients recovery.  I remember when our youngest son was 2 yrs old he faced a possible serious illness.  When I heard about this condition and it’s possible effect on his health I immediately turned to prayer.  All of my Christian life I have known and believed in the power of prayer and our faith toward a miracle working God.  I remember standing in the nurses station as our doctor began to give the report and it’s possible outcome and as she did I made a decision and declared it for all present to hear, “If what you are doing does not work, my God WILL!”  I know that some of the medical professionals thought I was crazy but I did not care, all my focus and hope was turned to God and his truth that says, “All things are possible to those that believe.”
I am thankful for the wisdom that God has given our doctors to help improve the health of others, but when they are limited in their work I know deep in my heart that God has no limits when someone chooses to believe.

It is comforting to hear that more doctors are becoming sensitive to the faith of their patients.  One particular physician became a patient himself and realized that faith and prayer plays a tremendous role in the health and recovery of his patients.  He says that most doctors that are faced with serious illnesses quickly draw upon their faith in God and when they recover they are more open, sensitive and understanding toward their patients and their faith.

Robert Klitzman, M.D.

Prayer, Faith and Doctors

Well I’m here: Now what?!

Well I’ve joined the bloggers of the world.  I’ve always been a writer.  Many times throughout my life I have turned to paper and pen to list my likes and dislikes, feelings, emotions, prayers, concerns, opinions and yes, I have always felt more comfortable confronting others on a personal level through letters, notes or emails.  Mainly because at times I find it more difficult to express my true feelings through spoken words alone.
I do however enjoy public speaking of which I have had 8 years experience as a pastor, Bible school instructor, leader of women’s groups, youth and children’s ministries.  My personal passion is to help others.
Until next time…