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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Loving others is not easy especially those who irritate or rub us the wrong way. Many times in my walk with the Lord I have had to endure people that are difficult to be around. No matter where you are in life, you will have such experiences and there is no avoiding it. Sometimes even now when loving others does not come easy I remember what my husband Pastor Rick  shared with me not so long ago: “Given their situation or circumstances they are doing the best they can.”
I remember while living and raising our children in Arizona I had a hard time with forgiving some members of my family.  I knew as a Christian how important it was to love and forgive others, but in REAL life I found it to be extremely difficult at times. As  a young Christian I remember Jesus teaching me the importance of love and forgiveness.  In  Mark chapter 11 Jesus says, “…and when you stand praying forgive. If you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive you your sins.”  I must admit, even today this scripture ALWAYS keeps me in check. Why? Because I have been forgiven of so many things in my life and God expects me to show that same love and mercy to others.In my own life I have found that when I love others I am happier and at peace. I am able to really enjoy life.  You could say that LOVE has a “freeing” affect on the one who chooses to give it out.  So go ahead, begin to look at others as God looks at you, with love and compassion.  I guarantee you will find that your life will be full of real happiness and joy!


Idol’s Jennifer Lopez $12 Million comes “Easy”

Jennifer Lopez

During a live interview on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”  Jennifer Lopez one of American Idol’s newest judges (who is said to have signed a contract for $12 million) is quoted saying it’s the  “Easiest job I’ve ever had!”  But this $12 million didn’t come as easy as one may think.  Jennifer who was born on July 24, 1969 in New York has worked hard to get where she is today.  Lopez was the first Latina actress to star in a leading role in film since Rita Hayworth retired in the 70’s.  Her  first album “On The 6” was 8 times platinum. Lopez is the first actress and singer to have a movie “The Wedding Planner” and an album “J.Lo” at #1 in the same week. Jennifer’s perfume “Glow” made history in 2001, by being the #1 perfume in more than 9 countries for more than 4 months.

Lopez has been busy over the years as an actress, singer, designer, dancer, fashion icon, and one of the richest celebrities in the world.  She made the 2004 Fortune list as one of the wealthiest entertainers under the age of 40. Her wealth is estimated at $255 million.  Jennifer’s accomplishments also include: Being the first Latina to get paid over a million dollars a project.  In 2003, she was the highest paid Latina actresses in Hollywood. Lopez’s first single “If You Had My Love” was #1 for more than 9 weeks. Her 2nd album “J.Lo” was 5 times platinum.  Lopez’s 3rd album, “J to the L-O! The Remixes” was the first album of remixes to hit #1, because no other album of remixes had climbed the chart.

Jennifer set’s a great example for women all over the world, and that is: there is nothing one cannot achieve if one  believes in and is willing to work hard at following their dreams!

68th Annual Golden Globes

“Social Network” won for Best Dramatic Picture during the 68th Annual Golden Globes Sunday night, January 16th, 2011. David Fincher won Best Director for the film along with Aaron Sorkin for Best Screenplay. Jesse Eisenberg who starred as  “Mark Zuckerberg” and Andrew Garfield as “Eduardo Saverin” were invited to the stage by Director David Fincher as he gave the acceptance speech on behalf of all those who worked on the film.

Actor Jesse Eisenberg in "Social Network"

Natalie Portman~Golden Globe winner for Best Dramatic Actress

The 29 year old and pregnant Natalie Portman won Best Dramatic Actress for “Black Swan”  and Colin Firth accepted his award for Best Dramatic Actor for “The King’s Speech” he beat Jesse Eisenberg “Social Network”, Mark Wahlberg “The Fighter”, James Franco, and Ryan Gosling.

Colin Firth wins for Best Dramatic Actor in "The King's Speech"

Colin Firth wins for Best Dramatic Actor in "The King's Speech"

Johnny Depp was nominated for “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Tourist”

glee won Best TV Series

“glee”  took home the award for Best TV Series, Comedy or Musical category for the second time in a row. The musical show consequently is the biggest winner in television at this year’s awards. Word is Actress Ann Hathaway, “The Devil Wears Prada” announced backstage that she will be a guest on the show.



GOD! Help our Kid’s (my story)

If you’re a parent, then I guarantee you constantly think about the safety of your kid’s no matter what age they are. I’ve been a mother for 22 years. We have two boys, one is 22 the other is 13 (14 in May) and will be attending high school next year.  Like most parents since the day our children were born, one of our top priorities is to hope, pray and plan that our kid’s turn out OK!

For the most part I was a pretty good kid.  It wasn’t until my parents separated did I start to “go down the wrong path” so to speak.  Once my Dad (of whom I feared, not because he was a bad dad, but because he’d kick your butt if you got into any kind of trouble) was no longer in the house, all hell broke loose.  On the outside I was this sweet teenage girl, but when adults were nowhere to be found I was out doing all kinds of ungodly stuff! For instance (because people like juicy stories) I would sneak out of the house with some of my friends and we’d sit at the end of our street in the early morning hours and drink whiskey and 7Up, (now that I think back I wonder, ‘where in the heck were the cops!?’).  That was just the beginning.  One time this 13-year-old girl was in a car driving with “friends” (yea right!) smoking weed and the cops pulled us over, again, it was probably another late night/early morning escapade.  I remember being so afraid thinking (because my Dad at the time was captain of the Paramedic Squad in Warren and cops and firefighters work together) “if my Dad finds out, I’m in BIG trouble!” So to save my butt, my friend said that I was his cousin and that they were taking me home, “Whew!” I thought.  Just recently I recalled another incident, while chatting at lunch with my husband, how because I was a track star in elementary and middle school, I was able to outrun a local cop as they busted in on us at another “friends” house again getting high and drinking. Just the other day we were watching a movie and a police officer was chasing a teenager through a field and my hubby who likes to joke said, “There goes Nina” and we both began to laugh.  Yet at the time, it was no laughing matter.  I was one of the “lucky ones” for NOT getting caught! Or was I?

Years went by and It was my turn.  I became a mother.   Before marriage and the birth of our first child I finally got “Caught!” Was it by the police? No, think of a more powerful authority: It was God.  Earlier I said I was “lucky”…in fact, it was not luck at all, it was only by the saving, loving, Grace of God that began to turn my life around (another future post).  Most people are taught that God is “mad” at them for doing wrong things in their life, I have good news for you, that thinking couldn’t be farther from the truth.  God’s love is amazing.  His Love forgives and forgets! His love can transform a person’s life. But God is a gentleman, he never forces his love upon anyone…he simply offers it to us, a “free gift” if you will.  “Nothings free!” You might be thinking or saying right now.  You’re right and wrong: For you and me God’s love and grace is free…for Jesus, it was not free…he willingly sacrificed his life for every human being, then, now and for future generations.  The good news: God brought him back to life…and he gives us Life in return.

So where am I going with this? God is ready, willing and able to help our children, but he needs YOU Mom and Dad.  He need’s loving parents to pray for their children, keep tabs on them. (Tip: Get to know your kids “friends”)  We have always been very involved in our childrens lives and “who” they hang with).  The Bible says that if we as parents teach our children about God and his love and making the “right” choices, he promises that our children will remember these truths and apply them in their life, “Direct (teach) your children onto the ‘right’ path, and when they are older, they will not leave it” Proverbs 22:6

Ponce Church

Love Who You Are

Why is there such a push on the #1 new year resolution? Three words: Money, Money and did I say Money?! This is the time of year that most fitness businesses and organizations make most of their profits. Why? Because this is the time of year that millions of Americans plan on turning a new leaf by making a list of new year resolutions, specifically: Losing weight.

One well-known fitness organization historically sees the largest increase in membership during the month of January.  I know this to be true since I taught as a professional aerobic instructor for over 7 years.  I remember every year during the month of January, classes would not only double but sometimes even triple. Restaurants are also getting in on the new year craze by advertising their low-cal and low-fat lunches and dinners.  So why such a push during the month of January? Statistics say that less than half of those with resolutions actually succeed.

As a former fitness instructor I still believe in living a healthy lifestyle. Even though I no longer teach, I do love my walks on the beach and bike rides to the river. But what I’ve learned over the years is this: Love yourself NOW just the way you are.  Don’t allow the stress of losing weight get you down. Accept who you are, and if your desire is to adopt a healthier lifestyle, take it a step at a time and don’t rush it.  Make simple changes in your eating. Even now, I’m making myself aware of eating more vegetables, less fatty foods and more fiber. Oh, and don’t deprive yourself of some of your favorite treats: If you want ice cream, don’t bring a gallon of it home, go out for a cone or small sundae that way you won’t eat two or three helpings before the day is over.

Love yourself now
Don’t Stress
Eat healthier and
Move (walking, bike riding etc.)

Ralph Malph’s Return

Happy Days 1974-1983

Happy Days are here again? Not quite, but you remember  Ralph Malph on the hit series “Happy Days” right? Well he’s back as a guest star on Monday nights TNT’s cable hit TV show,  “Men of a Certain AgeThe Bad Guy.”  While watching the January 3rd episode I thought the face was a bit familiar but it took a few glances at the star until I figured it out,  it was in fact the eyes and smile that gave it away, bringing back fond memories of one of my favorite shows as a teenager back in the 70’s.

Don’s acting career didn’t come to a halt after his long run on “Happy Days” he also made guest appearances on TV shows including: CHiPs, The Love Boat, Sliders, and Star Trek: Voyager.

Don who is sometimes credited as “Donny Most”  also performed as a voice actor on several Saturday morning cartoon series. Among these roles were: Ralph Malph on Fonz and the Happy Days Gang (1980); Eric the Cavalier in Dungeons & Dragons (1983); and Stiles on Teen Wolf (1986-1989). He has also more recently appeared in an episode of Family Guy.

We should be seeing more guest appearances of Don since during Mondays episode has become Melissa Thoreau’s new boss.

Cold Surf

Nina Tidwell Photography~Local Ponce Surfer

Since I live just blocks from the beach in Ponce Inlet, FL. One of my pastimes is to visit the jetty and photograph local surfers.  Lately, the weather has been unseasonably cold and the water temps have dropped as low as 53′ which means surfers are few and far between. I recently read a post from a local surfer who said after three hours in the water he could not understand why he could no longer ride the waves without falling off his board.  It wasn’t until he paddled to shore did he realize his feet were numb.  Although some avid surfers have the privilege to travel to warmer climates with warmer water temps, most have to ride out the frigid weather while anticipating the arrival of Spring.