Love Who You Are

Why is there such a push on the #1 new year resolution? Three words: Money, Money and did I say Money?! This is the time of year that most fitness businesses and organizations make most of their profits. Why? Because this is the time of year that millions of Americans plan on turning a new leaf by making a list of new year resolutions, specifically: Losing weight.

One well-known fitness organization historically sees the largest increase in membership during the month of January.  I know this to be true since I taught as a professional aerobic instructor for over 7 years.  I remember every year during the month of January, classes would not only double but sometimes even triple. Restaurants are also getting in on the new year craze by advertising their low-cal and low-fat lunches and dinners.  So why such a push during the month of January? Statistics say that less than half of those with resolutions actually succeed.

As a former fitness instructor I still believe in living a healthy lifestyle. Even though I no longer teach, I do love my walks on the beach and bike rides to the river. But what I’ve learned over the years is this: Love yourself NOW just the way you are.  Don’t allow the stress of losing weight get you down. Accept who you are, and if your desire is to adopt a healthier lifestyle, take it a step at a time and don’t rush it.  Make simple changes in your eating. Even now, I’m making myself aware of eating more vegetables, less fatty foods and more fiber. Oh, and don’t deprive yourself of some of your favorite treats: If you want ice cream, don’t bring a gallon of it home, go out for a cone or small sundae that way you won’t eat two or three helpings before the day is over.

Love yourself now
Don’t Stress
Eat healthier and
Move (walking, bike riding etc.)

About Nina Tidwell~Writer, Photographer & Pastor

I am happy to say that I have been married to my wonderful husband for 24 years. I love being a mother to our two boys. I am a published writer and photographer. My written work has been published in local magazines while raising our children in Phoenix, Arizona. While living in Ponce Inlet, FL my photography has been published in "Locals Only Surf Magazine" in Daytona Beach/Ponce Inlet, FL. I also love pastoring Ponce Church, Surfside located in Ponce Inlet, alongside my husband Rick. In 2003 as a family we pioneered the first church ever in the history of our wonderful town. As a family and a church we love to help others. My husband and I enjoy going for rides on our motorcycle and we love to walk on the beach. I am thankful to God for all of the blessings in our life. View all posts by Nina Tidwell~Writer, Photographer & Pastor

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