Idol’s Jennifer Lopez $12 Million comes “Easy”

Jennifer Lopez

During a live interview on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”  Jennifer Lopez one of American Idol’s newest judges (who is said to have signed a contract for $12 million) is quoted saying it’s the  “Easiest job I’ve ever had!”  But this $12 million didn’t come as easy as one may think.  Jennifer who was born on July 24, 1969 in New York has worked hard to get where she is today.  Lopez was the first Latina actress to star in a leading role in film since Rita Hayworth retired in the 70’s.  Her  first album “On The 6” was 8 times platinum. Lopez is the first actress and singer to have a movie “The Wedding Planner” and an album “J.Lo” at #1 in the same week. Jennifer’s perfume “Glow” made history in 2001, by being the #1 perfume in more than 9 countries for more than 4 months.

Lopez has been busy over the years as an actress, singer, designer, dancer, fashion icon, and one of the richest celebrities in the world.  She made the 2004 Fortune list as one of the wealthiest entertainers under the age of 40. Her wealth is estimated at $255 million.  Jennifer’s accomplishments also include: Being the first Latina to get paid over a million dollars a project.  In 2003, she was the highest paid Latina actresses in Hollywood. Lopez’s first single “If You Had My Love” was #1 for more than 9 weeks. Her 2nd album “J.Lo” was 5 times platinum.  Lopez’s 3rd album, “J to the L-O! The Remixes” was the first album of remixes to hit #1, because no other album of remixes had climbed the chart.

Jennifer set’s a great example for women all over the world, and that is: there is nothing one cannot achieve if one  believes in and is willing to work hard at following their dreams!

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